Bell Bottom Blues

Okay, so here goes. Thought I'd resolved to be better about this, but spare time seems to be at a premium these days. Have a few songs in the pipeline that I could probably record, so this seems like as good a time as any to get started again.

Here's a song that (again) just seems to remind me of my early childhood whenever I hear it. I really only reflect on it as one of the songs I used to hear sitting in the very back of my parents station wagon - seemingly on a sweltering Jersey Summer day. The "way back" we used to call it. Kids can be very literal, I guess.

Can you even let kids ride back there anymore without another driver immediately calling Child Protective Services via cell phone? For that matter does anyone even drive station wagons anymore? I guess those Volvo and Subaru wagons would classify, but wagons should really have that fake wood paneling to count in my book.

Regardless, when you're 7 you don't really think of things like "wow, that's two of the greatest guitarists who've ever lived playing in the same band" or "gee, every song by these guys is really sad and seems to be about the same girl". One reflects upon things like this only after . . . well, I don't know what. A lot of years, I guess.

Anyway, in my haste to actually do something, I'll post this. Two takes and it sounds like it. Too lazy to record anymore takes - gotta ease back in slow. 45 minutes start to finish. phew.