Karma Police

Karma Police -
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To me, these guys are head and shoulders above any other band that's come out since Nirvana. I was way behind the times in terms of hearing them, but sometime in 2001 or so a co-worker turned me on to OK Computer and I was instantly blown away. I love the intertwining of the ambient music with rock melodies and beats, which sort of reminds me of some of the catchier stuff that Brian Eno did with Bowie on the Berlin albums. I'm really not much for Electronica as a genre, so I'm kind of partial to the earlier Radiohead albums. Probably cause I'm old.

And even though these guys are usually so serious, this songs is actually pretty funny. Yeah, there's still the whole alienation undertone, but in general this is pretty lighthearted for a Radiohead song.

I had serious doubts about trying to record one of their songs, but on the whole, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.