Cocaine Blues

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When I first heard this song in the 7th grade or so, it was purely for the novelty of the last refrain of shooting "that bad bitch down". It was only later in life that I truly came to appreciate the breadth and depth of Johnny's contributions to the music world.

It took a bar stool at Doc Holiday's for that.

Yeah, he went through different 'stages' - the 'i'll put strings behind every song on this album' stage wasn't a favorite, but in general he kept it on an even keel through most of his career and recorded some of the most kick ass Country any of us have ever heard.

Not really kick ass in a rockin' way (it was sometime, though), but more so in terms of straight up attitude. Who goes into a max security prison these days and whips the inmates into a frenzy with songs about someone biting off a piece of their ear? Who writes songs from the perspective of an alcoholic who's hung over on a Sunday morning while everyone else is going to church? Who walks the line or falls into a burning ring of fire? Not Montgomery Gentry. Not Rascal Flatts, I'll tell you that. Now I don't want this to degenerate into a 'new Country sucks' rant, but in true Dennis Miller form I'll tell you that Nashville could sorely use a few more like Johnny, Merle, Willie and Waylon and less of that shite that they're passing off as Country music. Yes, I know there are some good contemporary Country artists out there - Brad Paisley comes to mind - but in general that stuff is as edgy as a bowling ball.

For the love of God, when's the last time Rascal Flatts flipped anyone off during a show? Dude's too busy putting gel in his hair for that.