Bastards of Young

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If I could only listen to the music of one band for the rest of my days, I'd seriously consider making that band The Replacements. I know it's not exactly rational; there are many better bands - The Beatles, The Stones and Zeppelin come to mind. But for me, these guys have something that a lot of bands today don't seem to have. It's a kind of sincerity, I think. Honestly, I think they were just sincere about not giving a shit. That was refreshing when I was a kid, and it's still refreshing today when I listen to them.

The only real reason that they weren't a complete smash hit in my opinion is that they were a bunch of total and complete drunks. I remember seeing them one time in a now defunct punk club near my hometown. It was called City Gardens, and it was in one of the nastiest areas of Trenton, New Jersey. If you've even driven through the 'nice' part of Trenton where the Capitol Building is, just imagine what the bad part looks like. Particularly 20 years ago.

Anyway, the lead guitarist wore a dress for pretty much all of the show. He kept falling down drunk, and when he did, the rest of the band would pelt him with garbage that they had stuffed in their pockets. Not like shredded paper and stuff, but coffee grinds and rotten lettuce. That kind of garbage. They were all totally smashed and the set consisted of multiple restarts (it can't be easy to play music with garbage hands) and attempts at the Batman theme song as well as Born to Run (we were in NJ afterall).

It's really too bad that they didn't make it bigger though. They had some great pop songs. Really catchy. It's just that they chose to get wasted and butcher them with the amps cranked. Unlike me, who just butchers this acoustically.