Man on the Moon

Not exactly the REM of my high school years - I was always more of a Murmur / Reckoning /Fables fan - but an awesome song nonetheless. I saw them do a great version of this live at MSG sometime in the mid-nineties and was hooked.

Growing up, it seemed like these guys were the great American hope for up and coming rock bands. Well, them and The Replacements, anyway. Looking back, who'd have thought that they'd one day play Madison Square Garden? Come to think of it, I guess they really were the great American hope. I still think The Replacements had better songs, though.

One day I'm sure I'll record a song or two from one of the earlier records, but the fact of it is I'm probably too lazy.

Regardless, hearing these guys reminds me of listening to WPRB (103.3FM, Princeton) after school. One of the best independent radio stations around. Period.