I'm Yours

Pretty straight forward, this one. This song is a favorite with my kids, and they bet me I couldn't record it. I said I could.

I'm honestly not sure who wins, afterall it is only about 2 minutes of the song. But hey, i was just trying to prove a point, not spend an entire evening recording this.

I would just add though (in a completely unrelated note), that while Jason Mraz isn't exactly my favorite current artist, I did have the opportunity to see him play once in a very controlled setting.

It was at one of those corporate events at an ad agency I used to work with. He had absolutely no clue who we were, and honestly we couldn't have cared less who he was either - it was lunchtime of all things when they trotted him in to play. And he was relatively unknown to the general public and completely unknown to us.

Until he started to play this song. It was just him on stage and this album was just about to be released. The second you heard it, you knew this was going to be a massive hit. How could it not be? Turns out, they guy is completely hilarious (had us basically crying with between songs chatting) in addition to being massively talented.