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Mother and Child Reunion -
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I like Paul Simon's music just fine, but I'm in no way a huge Paul Simon fan. In fact, some of those Simon and Garfunkel songs (Bridge Over Troubled Water, Scarbourough Fair to name two) make me want to gouge me eyes out with a hot poker. I mean, they're right up there with American Pie and The Wreck Of The Edumund Fitzgerald for sheer ability to make me cringe. Not because they're bad songs, but just because they feel TOO 1960's to me. I can't really explain it, but as much as I love most music from that era, somehow some of it still freaks me out. It may be time to see a Doctor. Regardless, this album was recorded in the early 70's, and as such, doesn't freak me out in any way whatsoever.

That said, I do have an incredible admiration for a lot of Paul Simon's work, and this is one of those songs that just always puts a smile on my face in spite of the fact that I'm not really sure if it's a happy song or a sad song. The original is the genuine reggae article - recorded in Kingston Jamaica with Jimmy Cliff's backing band. Mine, not so much. This first solo record was obviously giving us a glimpse into Simon's fascination with world music that would take full effect on Graceland years later.

I strongly suspect that my affinity for some of his music comes from the fact that when I was young, my parents bought my two "learn to play guitar" books: One was Paul Simon and the other was Neil Young. This never made much since to me since the Paul Simon book was incredibly advanced with all types of crazy chords and the Neil Young book was so easy I could probably have my 5 year old son playing it by the end of the week if I had an ounce of patience, which I don't.

And if I'm counting along, I'm pretty sure my wife knows this song . . . .