The Ballad of El Goodo

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I'm still shocked to see that so many people aren't aware of how good this band was. Yes, critics and musicians (mostly) agree that they were awesome, but for some reason the mainstream commercial success never came to these guys. Not sure why.

They were a clearly stated influence on a wide ranging array of bands: The Replacements, REM, The Posies, Matthew Sweet and Wilco are just a few.

Although they were only around for a few years in the early 1970's, when you listen to the cds today, they don't sound dated at all. Sure they have that jangly Rickenbacker sound and massive vocal harmonies that The Byrds and Roger McGuinn made popular in the 60s, but the topics of the songs themselves are timeless. Mostly, they're about being a teenager and dealing with life in a small town. Something an awful lot of people can related to. The bottom line: These guys are an example of a band that lives up to the hype that they get.

You probably know a Big Star song and don't even realize it: The theme from That 70's Show is a Big Star song called "In the Street" ("Hanging out, down the street. The same old thing we did last week. Not a thing to do but talk to you"). Perfect example of a song about teenage boredom.

Another great example is the song "Back of a Car" - just a song about sitting and listening to music loudly. It's the ringtone on my phone, and I still smile every time I hear it. Until I look down and see that it's someone calling that I don't want to talk to.