All My Rowdy Friends

It's gotta be tough having your father be legendary and then choosing to follow in his footsteps. By any measure though, Hank Jr. has been incredibly successful - and not just because of who is father was either. This guy was hard drinking, a multi talented musician and an incredibly gifted song writer; though I must admit his last name does give him a certain credibility when talking about hanging out with Waylon, Johnny, Kris and George Jones. That and the fact that he actually did it.

Both father and son were staples on the East Village country bar circuit, and I'm not quite sure why I choose this particular song to play. Maybe I was looking at the Hank Jr. catalog alphabetically?

Sometime in the mid-nineties it seemed like a good idea to go see Hank play at the Nassau Coliseum out on Long Island. Not sure what we were thinking, it's not exactly a "country" setting. I guess Hank was thinking the same thing since he opened with Walk This Way. The ten of us (and the 10,000 army veterans in attendance) didn't seem to care though.